How to Block Someone From Seeing Your Status on Whatsapp

If you don't want a person viewing your status, WhatsApp allows you to block someone or several contacts from seeing it.
How to block someone from seeing your status on WhatsApp

Sometimes you don’t want certain people to know what you share online. In this case, you can block someone or multiple contacts from seeing your WhatsApp status for better privacy.

In WhatsApp lets you share status updates that disappear after 24 hours. It may be text messages, voice notes, pictures, videos, etc. If you don’t want everyone viewing them, here’s what you may do to hide from certain contacts.

Block someone from seeing WhatsApp status

To prevent certain contacts from seeing your WhatsApp statuses, follow the steps below:

1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile and move to the Status tab.

2. Then, press the three-dot menu and select the option Privacy of status.

How to block someone from seeing your status on WhatsApp

3. Now click on the option My contacts except

How to block someone from viewing your status on WhatsApp

4. Then select the contacts you want to hide WhatsApp status updates.

How to hide your WhatsApp status from someone

5. Once this is done, click on the verification check icon to confirm the changes.

You can use the search tool, if you have trouble finding a particular contact.

After this, the contacts you selected will no longer be able to see the stories you upload. You can still use these steps to make a WhatsApp contact not see your status on Android and iPhone. Remember that the ones that have already been viewed will remain viewable until expiration.

Alternatively, if you want to show your status to just a few of your contacts or with just one person, go back to the Status privacy menu. Then, tap on the Share with only… option and select the desired contact(s). Tap the checkmark icon to confirm.

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