How to Share Your Live or Current Location on WhatsApp

You can always use WhatsApp to send your current or live location, so that the people you choose can find you wherever you are.
How to send and share your current or live location on WhatsApp

Maybe you have a some friends you need to meet up with, but they can’t find your house or where you are. With the help of WhatsApp, you can send them and share your current or even live location, if you are moving around.

You can do this with any of your contacts and with everyone you want at the same time, just with a few taps on your screen. If you prefer, you can do it through Messenger, but this time let’s see the steps to send your current and real-time location through WhatsApp, on Android or iPhone.

Share location on WhatsApp

You can send your location in WhatsApp groups and personal chats, and there are two types of locations you can send:

  • The live location is continuously updated wherever you go during a specified time.
  • In the current location, the recipient will only see the point where you were when you sent the location.

Send location on WhatsApp from Android

To share your location by WhatsApp from an Android cell phone, follow these steps:

1. Open the chat or group you want to send the location to.

2. Now click on the paperclip icon at the bottom right of the screen, and select the Location option.

How to share location on WhatsApp

3. Select the Share real-time location or Send your current location option, whichever you prefer.

How to send live location on WhatsApp

4. If you select live location sharing, you can choose the duration of your location sharing. Select the duration and add a comment, if desired.

How to share my location on WhatsApp

5. Then tap on the arrow icon in the bottom right corner to send your live location.

If you want to stop sharing your location before the chosen time, tap Stop Sharing in the location sharing message.

The steps to send the location are the same in WhatsApp Standard and WhatsApp Business.

How to share live location on WhatsApp for iPhone?

Sharing location by WhatsApp on iPhone is very similar to the previous process:

1. Open the chat you’d like to share your location in and tap the +.

2. Select the Location option from the menu that appears.

3. Now tap on Share real-time location or Send your current location.

4. Select the length of time your live location will be available if you picked that option, and click the Send icon.

5. If you decide to stop sharing your live location, tap Stop Sharing within the location message.

Final words

This is a good way to tell someone where we are or where we are moving, so they can locate us.

With WhatsApp’s live location-sharing feature, it’s very easy for the people we decide to find us. Even for those meetings where you need to meet up with friends in a remote location, you don’t have to spend time giving directions on how to get there.

Remember that for security reasons, you should use this feature with caution. You shouldn’t share your live location with people you don’t know unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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